Healing Through Extreme Times For the Highly Sensitive / Empath - Igniting Health & Prosperity

Activate Your Soul Power

Finally and deeply connect into love, joy, prosperity, health and wholeness!

Soul-Fueled Fear-Busting Formula For Peace & Power

10 Powerful Recorded Sessions!

You are truly a divine force...

"The more I experience your healing gifts, I'm amazed at your ability to help people heal in order to be more productive and prosperous in their various endeavors. Jennifer, I humbly agree that your Spontaneous Transformation Technique and your many transformational techniques have changed hundreds of thousands of lives over the last two decades, and also demonstrates that you are truly a divine force.” 

~ Anne
Life Changing...

"Just 10 days I spent with Jennifer McLean has done more for me than the 30 years I've spent with traditional therapists. In fact, I benefited so much from her programs... Even just a few sessions into the program and already I'm noticing (notice, notice, notice!) a difference in how I respond to "triggers" in my life. Jennifer, your cutting-edge approach and techniques are total game-changers! I can not thank you enough for all your guidance, love, and support. Much love and gratitude to you, sister Jennifer!

~ Mary

Be Part of A Potent Adventure of Profound Healing Into Your Soul Superpower

Releasing the need for willpower...

10 Sacred & Potent Transformational Sessions Experiencing the Advanced Version of the Soul Power Formula
This home-study course of 10 recorded sessions delivers a sacred set of proprietary healing journeys, Spontaneous Transformation Sessions, Attunements, sound vibration healings, Soul Laser Treatments, and many other advanced Energy Medicine tools. All here to help you claim a new stance as a quantum soul-connected powerhouse in today's world of extremes. These transformational tools lead to renewal, standing in confidence in your capacities and gifts, having faith in the possibilities of your soul's journey, and able to claim your power in any situation. WOW!
Dozens of Specific Energy Medicine Techniques - a Potent Toolbox of Change for Use in ANY Life Circumstance
The intention of this program is to focus on the Soul Power Formula and the many Soul Power Energy Medicine techniques that can be used with The Formula. Designed for the empath/Highly sensitive, these processes ensure you are in your power, in love and in your joy, in ANY situation. You'll now have the wherewithal to be in good shape no matter what is occurring in your life or in the world. This establishes a cohesive vibration that positively alters circumstance, as it also shifts others approach toward you. And you are about to deftly and consistently manifest prosperity, health and wholeness. YES!
THREE Extended Soul-a-thon 
Q&A Session... 3 FULL HOURS of Healing & Transformation
From the 10 recorded sessions, you are invited to 3 extended 3-hour recoded events. You will be able to receive from all the questions asked, You will be able to experience powerful new insights that will come from the remarkable questions... your questions will be answered just by listening. Yep, you'll experience powerful new insights that come from the remarkable healing answers delivered to others. And it happens EVERY TIME, it's like magic...  your questions will be answered, just by listening. These three, 3-hour Q&A Sessions puts the exclamation mark of transformation on this amazing program. Just one of these sessions could be the whole course it is THAT important!

From The Desk Of Jennifer McLean:

The soul powered beings of light, and highly sensitive beings like you, are waking up to your GREAT power on this planet at this time.

You are now being asked to stand in your sensitivity as a superpower, and claim your abilities as something that can actually change the world, as you change your life.

That clarity of your power helps you to know that you are not alone, and that there is a global community of soul empowered individuals that are making the difference.

There are no accidents that you found your way to this page, you are here because you are ready for the profound and sacred shift you are about to undergo.

You have been nudged by spirit to this exact moment as your soul prepares you to embody a new state of "beingness" in your absolute power.

Through the material in this powerful course, I am here to support you with the life changing Soul Power Formula.
You'll receive soul-fueled techniques and processes to provide a deeper understanding of how to use your soul connection to enhance your life right now...

And ultimately bring the power of heaven to earth and your life.

I am here to help YOU discover a new place of potency and trust in your truest nature of being, in your Soul Power as well as deeply trusting your highly sensitive nature.

Here is the challenge with being a human at this time...

The mind wants to use your will power to change. 

It uses guilt, shame and power-over to "MAKE" change happen. 

Yet what is actually created is more guilt and shame, and now resentment chimes in.

This then fuels more of the old dysfunctional behaviors and unhealthy habits, creating a loop of no-change and old addictions and continuing upsetting circumstances.

There is however a potent tool that you have within you to completely bypass this will power loop. 

It is your connection to your soul.

This connection when turned on, and then practiced daily, can completely detour the old routes of will-over and power-over, instead into a soul fueled and power enhanced life.

Applying the Soul Power Formula and using the soul power techniques and processes you're about to experience, will allow you to access the, insight, impulses and inspirations of your soul.


Now what I have personally experienced working with hundreds of thousands of souls over my 30+ years as a healer is, there are missing ingredients to real true and permanent transformation.

What' missing are the following...
  • Shifting the repressed emotions that are held in the unconscious from past traumas. 
  • Releasing the cellular memory of ancestral challenges, DNA dysfunction, as well as childhood upsets.
  • Becoming aware of, and releasing, the unconscious limiting beliefs that influence flow of energy and overall and power, health and prosperity.
  • ​Understanding and unwinding the coping mechanisms that are used for survival, but slow down the energy, the immune system and flow in life, and can also block manifestation.
As I have researched and played with the many different solutions to empowerment, very few of them address the bullet points found above.

These are is so key to PERMANENTLY transmuting dis-ease, old dysfunctional patterns, limiting beliefs, and what's keeping you stuck or in self-sabotage.

These profoundly important steps to transformation come from, moving into the internal, and exploring and shifting the vibrational energy.

Deep soul-oriented healing must come from the perspective of overcoming; childhood trauma, past lives, ancestry and DNA cellular memory, as well as the emotional impact on neural pathways.

AND these are beautifully and gently addressed with ease using energy medicine techniques that you'l be experiencing in this program (and learning to do for yourself).

THEN addressing these deep-seated issues with grace, love and gentleness create accelerated connection and shifts.

Without deep energy medicine exploration and change, you are simply glossing the surface in a one-dimensional perspective, as if you are moving the chess pieces of your life over and over again in the same plane without real change.

When you go deeper, through the practices you'll experience in this program, you free your energy, your mind, and your power to access the grace of your soul's intention. 

So this 10 session program offered here, is solely focused on deep yet gentle emotional release, vibrational healing and creating new neural pathways of soul-truths that finally shift the old held energies...

And help you to claim and sustain your power over anything in your life!

It's worth mentioning, that even through you may have done a ton of energy medicine or vibrational and spiritual healing... 

Having your full attention and intention completely focused on your Soul Power, makes THE difference in the outcome.

And then ultimately moves you into alignment with the prosperity, love, peace, calm, trust and faith, and in turn establishes real manifestation abilities.
Now Thriving & Shining...

Through Jennifer's work I learned how to embody thriving and shining as myself.  I am more aware , confident of my awareness choosing to marinate myself with nourishment on all levels. Saying Yes! to myself and being more frequently my core soul. Jennifer packs her programs with processes, attunements and information that has helped me to blossom.

~ Cathy
Emotional Release & Energy Healing are NEEDED!
Imagine that you finally understand WHY you haven't been able to connect with your soul, why you've even been disconnected from your heart?

And then understanding why these connections are THE key to moving forward in your life in light, in love, in joy, in possibility, and in true creation.

AND now after 10 sessions and the 3-hour Soul-a-thon, you’ve been able to unwind, clear and heal any old beliefs, repressed emotions, held cellular memories, and past life karma that has kept you stuck or seemingly disempowered.

You've been able to access your soul, connect into your Soul Power and have REAL tools that you can turn to each day from now forward, to continually expand and evolve into your full potentitlity of power, love and more.

The processes and techniques you are about to experience are absolutely proven… and know that this has been the missing piece all along.

Prepare for your greatness!
Thinking: "it's too much," or "I just can't break through," WELL... this is something completely different...
The healing techniques, journeys, vibrational upgrades, sound vibrations, attunements et all, found in this series of 10 sessions, are guaranteed to create REAL change.

These Energy Medicine Techniques naturally move around your mind's obstacles and simply heal and transform.

Then suddenly you start feeling differently.

You may start to know yourself in completely new ways than the way you used to.

You will start acting more confidently in situations that previously were uncomfortable.

You may change the way you look, you may even eat differently. 

You'll start speaking up, or quieting down, in completely new ways.

You are about to undergo a complete transformation as you feel deeply and connect with, and trust, your soul's guidance. 

Then combine that with the Soul Power Formula and this supersizes those new experiences even more.

This is unique to ANYTHING that is available on the planet at this time.

You will not only receive the most original advanced Soul Power Formula, as well as a library of dozens of energy medicine techniques and processes, you will also be supported through your own discovery of your soul-connected power.

This is for those wanting to accelerate to the next levels of possibility...

AND, if you feel like you are at your last nerve, or feel stuck, or that things appear like they just aren't happening fast enough for you...

This IS the Program that is definitely worth your time and energy.

I promise you cannot be the same after activating and practicing the Soul Power techniques.

This is your GAME CHANGER!

I Reclaimed My Love, Light & Power...

"Jennifer helps clients to reclaim their love, light and power that has been dimmed in the course of living a unique and often misunderstood life. I have cleared so many old limiting painful beliefs so fast. One powerful example would be that I felt very unloved after a traumatic childhood and have suffered my whole life because of it. Receiving the Spontaneous Transformation Technique and the transformation protocols from Jennifer, I have been set free of the shadows of my past. I have released old traumas and now live in a much softer, kinder, more loving life. I am truly grateful for the wealth of information and healing gifts Jennifer Shares. Prepare to experience real change in your life, and, quickly!!!"

~ Deborah


Highly sensitive souls (some also call them empaths) are very open to their environment, they're open to what is going on or to the energies or to the emotions underlying their surroundings. 

What many don't realize is that, as a highly sensitive person, because you're open, you see more than most people. 

We kind of see what's going on when others can't.

Many highly sensitives have felt helpless in the face of a world dominated by division, separation, judgment, greed and pain. 

And perhaps friends and family who don't really get it, or get you, and simply don't understand that you actually DO "know."

As a highly sensitive souls you may even feel that you want to help the world and save the world in some way.

And in turn you want to transform your own life and circumstances... but don’t know how. 

And that's really the impetus behind this course...

It is designed for the highly sensitive to discover their Soul Power, the understanding of which creates miracles in their own lives as well as genuine shifts on the planet.

In this 10-session transformational intensive (plus the 3 recorded Soul-a-thons)  I will guide you through the fundamental skills and competencies you’ll need to harness the transformative power of your super sensitivities, AND your soul energy to reimagine health, wellbeing, prosperity, peace, calm and power.

This course will feature teachings, training sessions, and advanced experiential energy medicine practices to connect to, and deliver, real soul connection that in turn deftly establishes your true soul power.

Each session will build harmoniously upon the previous ones so you’ll develop a complete holistic understanding of the practices, tools, and principles you’ll need to live a life of purpose, joy, and wellbeing as a highly sensitive in your Soul Power.

PLUS, you will be actually learning the techniques and processes yourself!  

You read that correctly, you'll be receiving the step-by-step instructions so you can continue to practice these techniques each day, long after this course is compete.

If you have been called "overly sensitive," know that with these session and the Soul Power formula activated, you will now use your sensitivity and your new soul connection as a superpower.
What You’ll Receive in This 10 Session Program (Plus 3X Soul-a-thon Recordings)...
For 10 powerful recorded sessions (plus the already recorded 3 extended Soul-a-thon Q&A Sessions), you will experience a powerful momentum of deep internal changes to establish a habit of sustainable soul-fueled creation and manifestation.

Be Prepared to Shift At the Soul Level...

  • You are about to stand in a new confidence in your life and circumstances when you understand and claim your connected soul power
  • Prepare to realize true potent transformation as you experience healing after healing and are now able to you stand in your TRUE power and gifts
  • Watch your relationships shift around you and change to match your higher frequencies as an empowered soul light
  • ​Notice your health improves because you no longer require illness to drive your soul's path
  • ​Witness your prosperity and financial wellbeing shift into abundance with the vibrational shifts taking place within, and the new Soul Power Techniques and tools at your daily disposal
"Jennifer's sessions have been so extraordinary and life changing words just can't fully describe their effect on me. Each day, I am brought to a feeling place I haven't been before that bring insights, information and emotions that have been locked up for decades. Oceans of emotion and a shift from brain-centered living to heart-centered feeling. It's been scary, freeing, and so much, much, more.... deep changes are happening. I will continue on with these sessions because my life depends doing just that. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your unbelievably healing gift to us all!!!" ~ Sara

Unwind Old Unconscious Core Beliefs & Behaviors That's Keep You Stuck

You will experience my renowned and popular global healing phenomenon that is the Spontaneous Transformation Technique (STT) through the Program.

This special healing process will help you shift to establish new neural pathways of possibility, as it releases the old held subconscious beliefs and patterns.

This special healing technique is proven to gently access to the core issues, beliefs and resulting coping mechanisms and behaviors, and heals and clears them permanently.

It creates a whole new energy and vibrational matrix, which ensures deep release establishing permanent change and a deeper connection to your soul.
When we experience difficulties in life that lead to painful emotions, if we don’t acknowledge or process them, they can become trapped over time.

These unfelt, unacknowledged, and unreleased emotions can turn into chronic illness, long-term depression, anxiety, or soul loss. 

These old emotions — and how we respond to them — are held in our subconscious…

… and once we learn to release them, we can heal not only our emotional pain, but much of our physical pain as well. 

To help resolve these underlying physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalances, I created the The Spontaneous Transformation Technique® an Energy Medicine healing approach to wellness that releases trapped emotions and subconscious patterns and coping mechanisms.

The results are truly remarkable, and you are about to not only experience this healing system but learn how to do it yourself!

 Attunements - Unlocking Dormant Soul Powers

My attunements are internationally renowned to create the deepest and purest core vibrational shifts, and in this course you will receive more than one.

If you know about Reiki, Reiki practitioners are "initiated," which is kind of like they are turned on and tuned into the Reiki energy, my attunements initiate as well...

I have developed this powerful attunement technique to activate specific intended yet dormant frequencies in your field.

Think of it like an energetic key that will unlock a series of Soul Powers, establishing a permanent foundation that your can forever access. You'll receive several Attunements through the course.

 Sound Vibration Transformation

I have been using my sound vibration gifts for several decades with remarkable results.

The way I do sound vibration is through voice, flute, and sometimes other instruments.

The sound is programmed with healing intentions that delivers real transformation deep into the structure of the emotional, physical and mental bodies.

It also moves into your field and tightens the weave of the new patterns established through the other energy medicine techniques and processes you'll experience in this course.

This sound healing moves past any emotional or mind-oriented obstacles, and go to the core of healing, creating instant shifts as it breaks up old energies.
A Little More About Sound Vibration:
Sound vibration is a potent modality of healing that directly targets the areas most needing to transform.

Sound vibration goes directly through any obstacle (whether it's matter or mind) to "defrag" and unwind dysfunctional energies.

It has the power to transmute and transform just about any disease, illness or upset.

Watch the video below for a simple demonstration of how powerful sound is...
If mandalas are forming in salt on a plate, imagine what is happening in your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies?

Sound vibration delivers powerful straight-to-the-core vibration transformation and activation that is profound in its potency.

NOW imagine experiencing healing encoded sound vibration acoustical anchoring healing that is programed to deliver access and connection to the superpower of your soul?

PLUS, you can use these sound vibration healing songs and tones over and over again, layering in the activation.

Pretty cool, huh?

 Enhanced Consciousness

"Shining the light of consciousness" is a powerful practice that creates a true awakening of whatever you are paying attention to, resulting in deep transformation.

During this series you will be activated into consistently shining the light on the old ways of being, resulting in instant new behaviors effortlessly occurring. 

You will clearly see the old patterns that have been held in place and are now easily shifted through this subtle but powerful energetic happening.

 Advanced Energy Medicine

You are about to experience a set of profound and important healings that supports the cells, the spirit, and the emotions. 

The emotional physical and mental, healing that comes from these Energy Medicine Techniques are here to ensure that all systems are moving into connected Soul Power.

Your energy medicine practices will include,  Energy Attunements, sound vibration therapies, the Spontaneous Transformation Technique (STT), healing shamanic journeys, Soul Laser Techniques, quieting the mind, enhancing the zero point in your field, breathing exercises and much more!

 Ancestral Healing, Emotional Unwinding, Establishing New Neural Pathways

Through the Soul Power Formula and the new soul-fueled energy medicine techniques and process, you will establish new neural pathways and energetic foundations, moving from stuck and old energetic patterns enabling you to manifest a new kind of life.

You'll also be shifting the DNA and turning on the "good" genes while turning off the "bad genes, clearing ancestral patterns, releasing old beliefs, unwinding old trauma and healing the coping mechanisms that have kept you stuck or not moving fast enough.

Remember, you will be addressing emotional release which is the culprit behind any and all dis-ease. So you will be releasing and unwinding the old patterns with mother and father, past life and karma, ancestral, childhood trauma, all of which may be contributing to any upset in the physical emotional and mental bodies.

All of these will in turn support the powerful and real creation of new neural pathways of possibility, flow, allowing, self compassion, self healing, self care and ultimately releasing.


 Actually Learn How to do These Energy Medicine Practices for YOURSELF... WOW!

This may just be THE LAST COURSE you've EVER need!

You will not only receive deep and profound healing transformation of your physical, mental, and emotional bodies, but you will actually learn many of the techniques and processes you are experiencing so that long after this program is compete you can do these procedures on yourself as a daily library of practices.

You read that correctly this course is not only delivering REAL change but you'll learn how to do it yourself. Cool huh?

Prepare to move through ANY life situation with this powerful knowledge in your toolkit of life.

Your 10 Modules Will ALSO Include...

Each session will address an aspect of activating your Soul Superpower Connection.

Plus there will be genuine healing transformation that will be noticeable in the moment and in the days, weeks and years that follow.

And for each new technique offered you will learn how to do it for yourself!! Yep I will teach the step by steps of each process so you can have your own practice with it.

Modules will include:
  • Clearing Ancestral & Past Life Blocks: You are about to clear the cellular memories that may have been unknowingly holding you back. Get ready to be crystal clear.
  • Understanding & Releasing Soul Karma: This is the most life-changing understanding of Karma you'll receive. This is energy encoded and vibrational based to further clear karma.
  • Gently Unwinding Childhood Trauma (Even if you Don't Remember it!): My globally celebrated trauma healing modality of healing; The Spontaneous Transformation Technique is here for you delivering a deep and comprehensive experiential release of those subconscious upsets that set your default coping mechanisms of self sabotage to this day.
  • The Powerful 4-Step Soul Power Formula: You will take the remarkable Soul Power Formula to the absolute next level of personal transformation as you apply to many additional techniques to this life changing process. This is guaranteed to shift every aspect of your life
  • Activating Your "Heart Soul Manifestation" Energy: You are about to take down the walls around your heart (the heart pain barrier) and live in your perfect authentic soul energy. This automatically activates soul superpower for prosperity.
  • ​Igniting Trust for Soul-Oriented Inspiration (Vs. Mind-Oriented):  When you ignite your connection to your soul you can now "hear" the whisper of divinity itself, clearly guiding you to soul driven actions (Vs. the slowed down, low vibe, mind-oriented "to-do's"). This one alone is worth the whole course.
  • Receive (AND LEARN) Dozens of Special Healing Techniques & Processes:  You'll to not only experience profound techniques and processes as part of the Soul Power Formula, but you will learn how to use them yourself and apply whenever you need it long after this program is complete.
  • Know the Role of The Soul: Prepare to have a cognitive and conscious understand of the role of your soul, the understanding of which can change everything. Through this, you'll also activate the superpower of your soul connection, creating a much different life.
  • Activating the NEW "Holy Trinity": By deeply understanding the various roles and interactions between different aspects of you, such as; the mind, heart/consciousness and soul in your life adventure, you will actually no be bringing heaven to earth in your life.
  • Healing Relationships From Your Soul Superpower: One of the most potent and transformational healing protocols for relationship is Ho'oponopono. In this course you'll learn a new version that overlaps with the Spontaneous Transformation Technique as well as other unique soul powered relationship healing techniques.
  • ​Supporting the Physical body: You are about to experience a proprietary technique of healing the physical body that is sacred, profound and powerfully works. These are called; Soul  Light Laser Treatments, and they implant your soul frequencies into the physical body.
  • Somatic Emotional Healing: Healing the emotional wounds out of the body opens up new and potent energies to heal physically any chronic illness or acute disease.
  • Turning Your "Over Sensitivity" Into Your Superpower: If you have been regularly called "over sensitive" and this is confusing to you, know that this is actually your superpower, it is your connection to soul power intuition that has you assess and know situations more clearly than others seeing the same thing. Now you'll use this important sensitivity with confidence.
WOW, right?

This is one of the most advanced programs on the planet at this time.

It is my seminal works collecting all I've learners working with hundreds of thousands of souls.

AND it pulls together decades of teaching into a succinct program creating changing results.

More Testimonials From Other Course Attendees...

This Could Be YOU...

 I am one of those people who would grasp things well at the start of a course then would feel overwhelmed and get lost a bit half way through (btw this is one of my patterns). With the STT course, I can attest to the contrary. I am fully embodying the teachings. There is no way that I cannot NOT get it! Jennifer teaches from the Soul - this is a Soul to Soul teaching for me. Now I feel empowered. I feel wildly free and on top of it I have acquired great tools to keep me free. I will be proud to confidently refer my friends and family onto this course." 
~ Maryline W
 I am so grateful for each session. And for the waves of healing and deep awareness that flow afterwards. To everyone, to all beings through space and time. Jennifer and her guides have created a powerful space for healing to happen. I especially appreciate the energy I experience during each session. They open me up to profound soul connection that I feel every day now. Yes, every day. After many years of experience with what works and what doesn't work, Jennifer has assembled the best of the best, all into one course. I have been on the metaphysical path for many years and many lifetimes, from which I have grown the ability to discern the diference between real and phony. Jennifer is real and her connection to Love and her Soul bring beautiful light to the world. Thank you Jennifer. I am truly transformed and my soul rejoices in my new dance with the divine. Ecstatic and eternal." 
~ Bradley Thomas Nitschneider
 Oh my gosh, Jennifer, these sessions are so packed full of important insights, tips, and life wisdom. As I'm watching I pause the video, write down important notes, go back and listen to it again. Amazing. And you just know the content is so pertinent and so right because it all make sense when we think about the ideas in the context of our life experiences. Thank you."
~ Mary
 I have been profoundly shifted/changed! I’m at peace within myself on another level. I have the tools to continue to support myself, nurture and love myself! I’m no longer stuck in my old beliefs, emotions, experience and old pain. I have freed stuck energy that went to anger and frustration over weight and why. It’s as if I walked away from the old into the new! This course and of course yourself has been a great gift! Blessings to you always! "
 What a journey ! Calm, rocky, thought provoking, emotional and amazing. Thank you Jennifer"
 Jennifer! I am SO GRATEFUL to YOU!! This journey has been exquisite!"
"This is so excellent. My questions have been answered and I have gotten so much more that was quite unanticipated. I am feeling lightness, peace and an excitement about the future. Just being. Thank you so very much for you being you and giving us this opportunity."
  I learn so many things from Jennifer's program, all very useful in my daily life! I used to be lost in my emotional reactions and trying to find out how to deal with them. Now I know I can use my emotions to know more about myself and to progress in my life. Now I know why I am who I am, and how I can relate to people or situations who are challenging, trusting my feelings. I can better express myself for what I believe in. I was expecting to have no time to follow up all sessions, but they were so interesting that I manage to listen very carefully, took personal notes and read the scripts. Jennifer has the gift of explaining in a super clear ways with examples from her own experience, and always with humor and a smile. I recommend Jennifer to anyone looking for a comprehensive approach in challenging times. Thank you so much! I love you!"
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Praise For Jennifer McLean...
  Jennifer has a unique ability to safely detour around the mind... to create real change.”
"Jennifer has a unique ability to safely detour around the mind as gatekeeper, and around the original events of childhood to create real change. She is able to support a true and fundamental release of the core issues and traumas that are still creating the patterns and beliefs that block our progress to this day. Her system of healing is fast, easy, gentle, and effective. This is someone I recommend to shift and release the subconscious influences on how and why we experience the illness, conflict, and lack in our lives, without having to have a near-death experience to do so. Work with Jennifer and heal."

— Anita Moorjani, author of the New York Times bestselling book, Dying To Be Me
  Jennifer McLean pulls out incredible insights and information about and for you.”
"My wonderful friend Jennifer McLean pulls out incredible insights and information about and for you. There is something extraordinary about how she supports individuals. You’ll see the full purpose of your soul, and that exploration is both insightful and transformative. If you want to have an extraordinary adventure, work with Jennifer."

— Neale Donald Walsch, author of the New York Times bestselling series Conversations with God

 ... be prepared to shift and heal into the highest version of you.”
"When you’re with Jennifer, you are with a master healer. Her Spontaneous Transformation Healing system is a proven global sensation. Not only is STT powerful but she has a whole assortment of healing gifts for you to tap into and transform. No matter what your circumstances, be prepared to shift and heal into the highest version of you. If you have a chance to work with her, you are one of the blessed ones... and you’ll likely have some fun and laughter along the way."

— Marci Shimoff, New York Times bestselling author of Happy for No Reason
 ... don’t walk, but run into Jennifer’s powerful, loving healing embrace.”
"Jennifer McLean is a true light on this planet; she is one of the chosen providers of healing transformation that is so needed at this time. Jennifer is able to take us by the hand and release the core issues deep in the subconscious in a gentle, accelerated, yet profound way. If you are ready to genuinely, finally, and deeply transform your life and circumstance, then don’t walk, but run into Jennifer’s powerful, loving healing embrace. You’ll be glad you did."

— James Van Praagh, psychic medium
  “... I realized and experienced a great fear... and released and healed it.”
"I had a quite amazing and instantaneous acknowledgement of Jennifer’s STT technique. I had chosen to work with her on the expansion of my acting career: bigger roles, bigger projects, more money. During this fast, simple technique, I realized and experienced a great fear around actually achieving that, and released and healed it. Literally the next day, I was offered a wonderful role in a great film with a much higher salary. When it happens that fast, there is no denying the power of the energy shift. This technique works. AND Jennifer delivers on ANY healing promise made, whatever you're ready to transform Jennifer is your gal."

— Dee Wallace, Actress, healer, and channel


Home Study Course: These sessions are recorded and waiting for you, you can dive right in immediately and start receiving the powerful regenerative and enliveing healing sessions to claim your superpowers of your soul as a highly sensitive being.

The POWER of the Recordings:  the recordings a JUST as powerful... if fact they may be MORE powerful. MOST listen on replay, so these recordings are infused with the energies of all those transforming... it's quite an amazing experiencing to receive those energies of all the healing occurring as you listen to the replays. It's so WORTH listening to the replays.

Length of Each Recorded Session: approximately 90+ minutes

Soul-a-thon Q&A: already recorded and waiting for you are THREE powerful extended Q&As. You'll experience powerful new insights that come from the remarkable healing answers delivered to others. And it happens EVERY TIME, it's like magic... your questions will be answered, just by listening.

You'll be Invested In: 10 powerful healing encoded Soul Power Activations Session, 3X, 3-hour Soul-a-thon Q&A recordings, energetic attunements, sound vibration therapies, shamanic healing journeys, cognitive understandings and applications, and some surprises you'll discover along the way.
Etched-In Power on the Recordings...
The recordings of this self study program are remarkably powerful...

There are thousands listening to these recordings, and in each session they were activated into their Soul Powers, as they also receive the remarkable Energy Medicine healings and techniques... all that transformation is etched onto these recordings.

So in a way the recorded sessions are even more more powerful than when they were offered live.

Each attunement, each sound vibration, each healing journey, each transformation each activation is inculcated into the energy of these potent recordings, so you receive very deeply as you take in each audio and/or video.

You are gaining so much by experiencing this program in these special recordings.

These recordings contain profound and potent energies that spill over into additional healing support.
Total Value of $1,599!

NOW Only $327!


Healing Through Extreme Times For the Highly Sensitive / Empath... Igniting Health & Prosperity

  • 10 powerful Recorded Sessions: In this home study at-your-own-pace, 10 powerful sessions you will join me and a important group of like minds all set on this one intention; applying the Soul Power Formula and using the soul power techniques and processes to access the power, insights, impulses and inspirations of your soul... creating a whole new life of possibility, prosperity, confidence, health, calm, love and wellbeing.
  • ​Energy Medicine / Layering In the Transformation: With each session and the bonus remote energies, you will leverage energy medicine practices to layer in, accelerate and lock in new habits of thinking and feeling resulting in a whole new life.
  • ​THREE POWERFUL EXTENDED 3-Hour **SOUL-A-THONs**: After your 10 sessions are complete you will want to access these 3 extended and already recorded 3-hour interactive question and answer event. You will be able to experience powerful new insights that will come from the remarkable questions... I promise your questions will be answered just by listening. This puts the exclamation mark of transformation on this amazing program and tunes you up expanding your soul super power each time.
  • Receive Spontaneous Transformation Technique Sessions: You will experience the remarkable Spontaneous Transformation Technique to assist you in going to the core of past trauma that is contributing to a sense of stuck and obstacle in your life, as you permanently unwind, heal and release.
  • Shamanic Healing Journeys: my renowned healing journeys are celebrated for creating deep and profound shifts and opening new neural pathways of being... get ready to discover a whole new you through these journeys.
  • Receive Special "Attunements:" I am famous for these, and how powerfully they work... it's like magic. These are like a Reiki Attunement initiations, in that it acts like an energetic key activating and awakening your dormant energies of your Soul Power.
  • ​Experience Deeply Healing ​Sound Vibration: I'm know also for my sound vibration healing gifts. As you heal through the many interactions of this course, you will also grow stronger with the new patterns strengthening through sound healing.
  • **HUGE** ​You'll Learn Most of the Healing Techniques & Processes: You're about to receive step by step teaching to actually learn how to do most these experiential processes yourself. You will be able to use these important techniques long after this program is complete... this may be the last course you might EVER need to take!
  • Mp3 Downloads of all audio session: you receive access to Mp3 audio downloads or each session in your Listening Salon.
  • ​Recorded on Video Too: each session is recorded in a special video session then will be available on your Listening Salon for indefinite watching.
  • ​Downloadable ​Transcripts: to enhance your experience of this course's downloadable transcripts delivering an enhanced experience of this material using new learning muscles to take in the transformation.
  • ​Indefinite access to all course materials (audio and video): I can't say LIFETIME, but my course are available for as long as am in ownership of them. In other words they won't expire.
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My Heart Is Full...

"If you are reading these words know without any doubt that you are in the right place. Right here and now. My soul has never resonated so much with any other healer's programs and insights. I especially love that Jennifer is so humble and real. She will constantly help you remember that you are the reason that she is doing what she is doing because your soul asked for what she is helping you to remember you are working through her because we are all connected we are all one and you are exactly where you are supposed to be right here and right now. Your soul has asked for what she is bringing to you through you to her and back to you.

The STT process (Spontaneous Transformation Technique) is a process that allows for such amazing positive change and it is a very simple and easy process. I am planning to be a STT Coach myself after completing the training. 

The one thing that has changed dramatically in my life is that I now have a sense of peace and knowing that I am exactly where I am supposed to be. That everything I have experienced has brought me to where I am today and that I can't get it wrong. Nothing we do is ever wrong because we are always learning and expanding and growing and everything we experience is just part of the process. 

Her processes will help you learn to come from a heart space and allow your soul to give guidance to your mind which then allows everything to flow with perfect grace and ease. I want to be clear it is not that everything will appear perfect you will learn to embrace the imperfect as part of the perfection and let go of the struggle and just BE instead of always feeling like you have to DO to be happy, right here and now.

I am so glad that I chose the program that allows me to save these and listen to them anytime I feel the need. I promise you will not be disappointed. Jennifer truly does embrace her soul power of Giving and Generosity."  ~ Wayne Day

About Your Facilitator Jennifer McLean

Jennifer McLean is an internationally acclaimed Healer, Author, Speaker, Edge Pusher, and Transformational Change Agent. She is the creator of the renowned healing accelerant: “The Spontaneous Transformation Technique (STT),” that delivers instant transformation and healing.

For more than two decades, this innovative healing modality has helped tens of thousands of individuals shift held energy in the body. Individuals have been able to liberate themselves from old hurts, and patterns of obstacles that lead to disease and upset, and create new neural pathways and patterns of Quantum Wholeness. With almost 1000 STT Practitioners in this unique system, it is quickly becoming a “go to” for creating real change in extreme times. 

Jennifer also uses powerful energy medicine protocols to assist in establishing real concrete markers of health and physical stability including Sound Vibration, Soul Light Laser work, Shamanic Healing Journeys, Attunements and of course her renowned Spontaneous Transformation Technique.

She has also discovered the Soul Power Formula, the most powerful and proven method for connecting in and receiving direct insights, inspirations and impulses of the soul for life changing renewal, ease, peace, calm and power.... for the health wellness and prosperity.

She has co-taught programs offering the healing component to workshops and programs with renowned thought leader Marianne Williamson, and multiple New York Time bestselling author and near death survivor Anita Moorjani, as well as Conversations With God creator Neale Donald Walsch, and was invited to teach on The Shift Network.

Jennifer came into this industry hosting the original, largest, and most renowned online summit; Healing With The Masters, reaching over 1 million souls over 17 seasons. She now focuses her full time attention delivering her healing and psychic gifts.

She has appeared on FOX, ABC, CBS, and online summits and is covered in renowned media publications. STT and other healing philosophies are covered in her 5 best selling books and dozens of online healing programs.

This is NOT A Talking Head Course!

This is a very experiential program... each session you will viscerally experience healing journeys and vibrational shifts layering in the transformation over and over again.

This special healing course is NOT three dimensional or simply five sensory. 

This is going above and beyond that. 

It really is from the inside out, not the outside in. 

The techniques, process and the Soul Power formula are nonlinear in nature. 

They are vibrational, intuitive and frequency in nature.

That’s in part why this program is so powerful and unique, because it's not going to tell you what to do. 

It's going to support you in creating deep profound shifts to a new healthy neural pathways through vibrational medicine.

You will have new processes and techniques in your toolkit of transforming into your power and love.

I am so excited to work with you in these powerful sessions,

Enroll here now, and let's get to this.

To your power in vibrational healing,
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