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Video & Audio Home Study Program

Healing Through Extreme Times For the Highly Sensitive / Empath

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Attunements to Activate Your Empathic Powers
Prepare to shift deeply as you receive potent and sacred attunements. You'll be activating your empathic abilities and turning on your confidence as an empath. These attunements act as energetic keys igniting dormant energies of your power. You will uncover who you REALLY are as an empath.
8 Powerful Well Being Protocol Sessions
For 8 sessions you will receive original and healing insights to claim a powerful new stance as a quantum empath in todays world. Finishing with a LIVE  extended "Empath-a-thon," working directly with Jennifer and Anita for healing and answered questions. Sessions 1 - 7 are ALREADY RECORDED in audio and video.
Spontaneous Transformation and Sound Healing
Jennifer will be providing many moments of healing through her globally popular Spontaneous Transformation Technique and Sound Healing. Prepare to shift the deep core beliefs, upsets, patterns and survival mechanisms held in the subconscious. You will clear and release in ways you might not have thought possible.
Sacred Journeys to Bliss & the Afterlife
Anita Moorjani will be guiding you with her renowned healing journeys. You'll be transforming into your unique empathic abilities as you move through afterlife-like exalted and blissful experiences. Your wellbeing is about to be moved to powerful new states of possibility. True tranformation is here for you now... finally!
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PLUS... 15 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are not receiving what you need from this course then you may ask for a full refund if requested within 15 days of purchase. That lets you experience at least 1/3 of the course, so it gives you a firm handle that this is really for you. PLUS gives you many days of the remote healing transmissions!
  • ​10 powerful Recorded Sessions: In this home study at-your-own-pace, 10 powerful sessions you will join me and a important group of like minds all set on this one intention; applying the Soul Power Formula and using the soul power techniques and processes to access the power, insights, impulses and inspirations of your soul... creating a whole new life of possibility, prosperity, confidence, health, calm, love and wellbeing.
  • Energy Medicine / Layering In the Transformation: With each session and the bonus remote energies, you will leverage energy medicine practices to layer in, accelerate and lock in new habits of thinking and feeling resulting in a whole new life.
  • ​THREE POWERFUL EXTENDED 3-Hour **SOUL-A-THONs**: After your 10 sessions are complete you will want to access these 3 extended and already recorded 3-hour interactive question and answer event. You will be able to experience powerful new insights that will come from the remarkable questions... I promise your questions will be answered just by listening. This puts the exclamation mark of transformation on this amazing program and tunes you up expanding your soul super power each time.
  • Receive Spontaneous Transformation Technique Sessions: You will experience the remarkable Spontaneous Transformation Technique to assist you in going to the core of past trauma that is contributing to a sense of stuck and obstacle in your life, as you permanently unwind, heal and release.
  • Shamanic Healing Journeys: my renowned healing journeys are celebrated for creating deep and profound shifts and opening new neural pathways of being... get ready to discover a whole new you through these journeys.
  • ​Receive Special "Attunements:" I am famous for these, and how powerfully they work... it's like magic. These are like a Reiki Attunement initiations, in that it acts like an energetic key activating and awakening your dormant energies of your Soul Power.
  • Experience Deeply Healing ​Sound Vibration: I'm know also for my sound vibration healing gifts. As you heal through the many interactions of this course, you will also grow stronger with the new patterns strengthening through sound healing.
  • **HUGE** ​You'll Learn Most of the Healing Techniques & Processes: You're about to receive step by step teaching to actually learn how to do most these experiential processes yourself. You will be able to use these important techniques long after this program is complete... this may be the last course you might EVER need to take!
  • Mp3 Downloads of all audio session: you receive access to Mp3 audio downloads or each session in your Listening Salon.
  • ​Recorded on Video Too: each session is recorded in a special video session then will be available on your Listening Salon for indefinite watching.
  • ​The Power Of Recordings: There are thousands listening to these recordings, and each session they were activated into their Soul Powers, as they also receive the remarkable Energy Medicine healings and techniques... all that transformation is etched onto these recordings, In a way the recordings are THAT MUCH more powerful that when they were live!
  • ​Downloadable ​Transcripts: to enhance your experience of this course's downloadable transcripts delivering an enhanced experience of this material using new learning muscles to take in the transformation.
  • ​Indefinite access to all course materials (audio and video): I can't say LIFETIME, but my course are available for as long as am in ownership of them. In other words they won't expire.

I've Reclaimed My Love Light & Power...

"I want to express my deep gratitude to Jennifer and Anita for creating this powerful program for Empaths to reclaim their love, light and power that has been dimmed in the course of living a unique and often misunderstood life. I have cleared so many old limiting painful beliefs so fast using the protocols in this course. One powerful example would be that I felt very unloved after a traumatic childhood and have suffered my whole life because of it. In learning about Empath Archetypes from Anita and STT transformation protocols from Jennifer, I have been set free of the shadows of my past. I have released old traumas and now live in a much softer, kinder, more loving life. I am truly grateful for the wealth of information and healing gifts in this course. I would highly recommend it to experience real change in your life, and, quickly!!!"
~ Deborah Badran

Synchronicity & Healing ,,,

"I have experience so much release, change of thoughts/emotion and healing. And although I was on replay, I could feel the same as the ones who were on live. I recommend this to all 😇🥰"
~ Benedicte Due

Miracle Healing 

"I can't get over how much the Spontaneous Transformation Technique (STT) has helped me... I am RUNNING AGAIN!!!!!! This is amazing, I feel so free. Previously, I had way too many aches and pains, along with exhaustion to even run a few steps. During STT sessions, I have been experiencing huge physical shifts and releases. It feels like I'm at the chiropractor, while going through the process - with my muscles twitching and my bones realigning. Then afterwards - I feel more light and free, with infinite energy and spring in my step. I am so grateful for these tools and resources. They are just what the doctor didn't know he should order for me after years of chronic pain! WOW!
~ Nicky Gant 

I Feel So Much Better...

"I feel so much better just hearing Anita define the archetypes. I am such a Dolphin. Until now I felt I wasn't doing enough and needed to change in order to help the planet. Thank you! (big sigh of relief and gratitude)" 

~ Pamela Gilmore 

This Answered the Unanswered Questions...

"This course out of the many I have taken is the one that has really helped me understand me. I have done a lot of soul searching and always seem to asking more questions. This class helped to answer more of those unanswered questions. I am so very grateful for the time you have put into this class and all the knowledge that you have shared with us. Thank you to both of you for this program.

~ Teri Bowan

This Course is "Just Right..."

"Thank you so much for this fabulous course - just the right balance of knowledge and experience. The protocols led me in a very gentle way to my Self. I am so grateful."

~ Linda Krag

This Course Touched Me On A Cosmic Level...

"I have taken many wonderful online courses over the past several years, but this one touched me on a cosmic level. Within an hour of signing up for this course, I felt an energy transmission that has continued off and on throughout the thirty days. The whole time, and still, my usually quiet heart has been beating stronger, louder…. and my energy is swirling so clearly. Dear Jennifer and Anita, thank you so much for this powerful offering…may the world be open to your wonderful gifts!"

~ Noreen Owens 

 A Course Full of Treasure & Gold

This course is hands down the best value and most life changing course I have ever taken, I have taken quite a few.
If you resonate with being an empath, this course will confirm what you have been feeling all along, and help you to realize that you are not alone and you are not crazy.
The thing I love the most, and I love everything about this course, is that it give you your power back and Jen and Anita lead by example. I am so grateful for this course and the wonderful community that I now feel a part of and know that I can share how I feel and others get how it feels.

~ Jean

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